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forced induction services

forced induction services

Big CC Racing Forced Induction

You can choose between 3 principally methods of Forced Induction. Turbocharging, Supercharging & Nitrous Oxide Injection.

These power adders can increase the potential of your vehicle dramatically & in very different ways. In extreme racing applications they can even be combined.

Each of these 3 disciplines offer advantages & disadvantages according to their method. On each forced induction method we offer an overview of pros & cons to help you choose your best application.

There are 4 main aspects to pricing a power adder package as a ride in ride out service:

  • The choice & cost of the system itself
  • Installation & dyno set up of the system
  • Engine modification costs associated with the power you want
  • Optional extras such as electronics, custom modifications, & ancillaries

Each of the above cost will vary according to the make & model of the bike or BEC (Bike Engine Car), the power wanted & the application needed such as drag or land speed or circuit racing etc.

We happily spend a lot of time on the phone to serious customers who wish ‘us’ to be their forced Induction power provider. We suggest this be your best method of contact due to the need to narrow down with many questions your regarding your requirement, budget, application etc. We cannot offer tech support & fault diagnosis for other manufacturers systems without the vehicle being at our workshop for proper appraisal.

Be aware most engines will require strengthening for the increases in power available. Do not take for granted your engines ability to cope with increased horsepower, torque, heat & dynamic compression.

Be aware many engines will require tuning in a specific manner that enables them to survive under power duress. This is not just fuel but ignition timing, compression ratio, cam timing, air temp, fuel type etc etc.

Be aware around the world globally the legality of usage is for the end user to decide & not us.

We are vehicle tuners, not lawyers.


Big CC Racing offer you fixed price quotations on your project (subject to certain conditions). We have the experience of multiple types of installs & applications. Don't make it a guessing game Big CC know how to engineer the performance you are seeking.

Big CC Racing are world leaders in creating horsepower for motorcycle engine applications. We have 29+ years in the tuning industry & have broken multiple records in power applications & trackside performances.

From simple remapping to 900+hp custom Hayabusa build’s, we can cater for your needs in both road and motorsport applications for bike and bike engine car. We have specific workshops, engine building rooms, fabrication workshop, engineering room & independent Motorcycle & Car dynonometers to offer all services in house.

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