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BIG CC workshop

BIG CC workshop

BIG CC Workshop Services

  • Car dyno tuning
  • Motorcycle dyno tuning
  • Race engine rebuilds
  • Classic bike & engine resoration
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Injector cleaning
  • Head porting & seat cutting
  • Race bike building & preperation
  • Servicing & repairs
  • Tyres & exhausts
  • Turbocharging installations
  • Supercharging installations
  • Nitrous Oxide system installations
  • Custom exhaust fabrication
  • Crankshaft balancing
  • Big bore conversions
  • Electrical work
  • Diagnostic & repair
  • Machining to spec
  • Suspension & steering upgrades
Our services


Big CC Racing offer you fixed price quotations on your project (subject to certain conditions). We have the experience of multiple types of installs & applications. Don't make it a guessing game Big CC know how to engineer the performance you are seeking.

Big CC Racing are world leaders in creating horsepower for motorcycle engine applications. We have 29+ years in the tuning industry & have broken multiple records in power applications & trackside performances.

From simple remapping to 900+hp custom Hayabusa build’s, we can cater for your needs in both road and motorsport applications for bike and bike engine car. We have specific workshops, engine building rooms, fabrication workshop, engineering room & independent Motorcycle & Car dynonometers to offer all services in house.

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