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Stage 6 Motor Package 260 to 290hp (24v)

Stage 6 Motor Package 260 to 290hp (24v)
Brand: Big CC Racing
Product Code: Stage 6 Motor Package 260 to 290hp (24v)
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Competition engine for drag race or hill climb or land speed etc, Race only usage recommended . This package will require serious head work & big billet cams with short guides to maximize its potential. Roller cam chain is essential as is case clearancing & carrillo Con Rods to suit the longer stroke. The largest cost is in the billet offset crankshaft & the billet offset Muzzys block with custom 86mm pistons. Also recommend larger throttle bodies.

  • Billet Race Cams
  • Roller Cam chain Conversion kit
  • Ported & flowed head
  • Race cut valve seats
  • Titanium retainers
  • Valve stem seals
  • Lapped head & block
  • 3 ply head gasket
  • 86mm (1468) High comp pistons
  • Muzzys Billet block liquid cooled offset bores
  • Heavy Duty cylinder bolts 12mm
  • Crankcase machining & block & head
  • Base gasket
  • Heavy duty valve springs
  • 1mm Oversize inlet & exhaust valves
  • 11.5mm Stroker billet Crankshaft offset (Gen 2)
  • Carrillo Con Rods
  • Bronze Valve guides
  • Valve guide installation
  • Ceramic gearbox & cam bearings
  • H/duty crankcase studs
  • Big end bearing shells
  • Main bearing shells
  • Lower engine gaskets seals & O rings
  • Labour to strip inspect & rebuild complete engine

Please note pricing is to loose engines & a fee would be raised for engine removal & refit. Call for details 01189 776755

Engine horsepower varies depending not just on what type of exhaust & induction mods but also on how the engine is built for you as a customer building to your usage. Street bike applications are deliberately built with milder race cams so not to wear the valve train out & with lower compression so they can start easier & use unleaded fuels safely. On the other hand full drag race motors can be very high compression with super large cams etc. This is why the power can vary so much depending on applications. For example a 1400cc engine that creates 215hp would not be a very reliable street bike or easy to start on 12v. Equally we have built 240hp 1600cc engines as street bikes that have stayed reliable because we have kept them on a lower compression & without radical cams. For race car power levels a power drop is normal due to the transmission losses applicable to that cars final drive / transfer box / axles etc. However our power levels are all quoted at the tyre as stated. The important thing is we build the engines to suit you & your usage whether land speed bike, circuit racing car, drag racing or road bike etc. Give us a call & we can fulfill your needs.

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