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Nitrous Kits FAQ

Big CC Racing offer a range of nitrous systems for carburetter or fuel injection engines. We have also specialised in adding nitrous oxide as a second power adder to turbocharged applications whether draw thru or blow thru.

Wet Nitrous Kits.

This kit is principally used for carburretor engines such as the 1200 Bandit & GSXR1100 etc. It comes complete with all injectors, jets, fittings fuel delivery system inc pump & solenoid & nitrous delivery system including bottle & bracket, solenoid & lines. Instructions are included. Big CC Racing recommend the use of NOS nitrous oxide Kits due to their superior design with ease of install, quality of parts, & more importantly ease of tuning. The kit can be bought as a single / twin / four cylinder and even a six cylinder set up.

Dry Manifold Nitrous kits.

These kits are principaly used for Fuel injection engines such as the ZZR1400 & Hayabusa etc. They are much simpler to install due to the fuel delivery being supplied by the bikes own fuel injectors not the kits therefore there is no requirement to install the fuel circuit & the nitrous can simply be installed into the airbox. The kit of choice Big CC Racing use is the BTC Moto system with NOS components.

The BTC kit works by using an electronics box to fool sensors on the bike similar to a Power Commander to enrich the bikes injectors at the point of the nitrous firing.

Do not mix this system up with cheaper dry kits that require power Commanders to richen the bikes fuel up otherwise over fuelling the engine when not using the gas.

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