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Big CC Racing’s specialty is drag racing & sprinting.

Owner Sean Mills has competed in ACU Competition Bike and ACU Super Street Bike and Straightliners Top Bike. He currently holds the ACU top speed record in Competition Bike at 196mph.

Big CC sponsored rider Phil Wood hold multiple track records and championships in the Straightliners Series. In the USA the Big CC sponsored Hable / Tomlinson Pro Street Bike has gone 6.82 @ 214mph. Ricky Gadson’s new Pro Street Bike is also Big CC turbo powered.

Big CC Racing have supplied turbo systems to drag race teams across the world from Kuwait to Australia to USA & Canada, Germany, Holland, France, Malta Thailand etc.

Our attention to quality & guaranteed power figures are the envy of our competitors.

Big CC also offer services from drag engine building to chassis prep, one off fabrication & turn key race bike building as well as trackside assistance.

circuit racing bikes

Big CC Racing offer all services from suspension upgrades to race engine preparation for the circuit racer and track day rider. Feel free to call us to go through your aspirations.

Racer discounts may be available > call 0118 977 6755

landspeed racing

Big CC Racing are perfectly suited to help you build a land speed bike or assist with your project. Whether your aim is simply to break 200mph or 250mph or break specific class records we can help design and engineer your success.

services offered

Wheelie Competition Riders

Big CC Racing offer controllable and smooth delivery power packages for those riders specializing in high speed wheelie competitions. Large aspirated motors or turbo or supercharging depending on your choice

Wheelie Power!

Big CC Racing have been involved with supplying power packages to riders of the World Wheelie Records Competition for several years now. We have assisted riders like:

Please feel free to contact us on your aspirations in power adding to your wheelie bike and we will see what we can do.

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