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Big CC Racing are perfectly suited to help you build a land speed bike or assist with your project. Whether your aim is simply to break 200mph or 250mph or break specific class records we can help design and engineer your success.

  • Elliot Jones - 240 mph on a road legal GSXR1000 taking 2 UKTA timing records in the modified class turbo 1000cc class 2017
  • Phil Wood - 258.54 mph on a road legal Hayabusa breaking 2 UKTA timing records in the 1650cc class
  • Jay Coddington - 241 mph breaks two UK timing Association records with his Production class Turbo GSXR1000K7
  • Andy Slade - 225 mph becomes the fastest one armed man in the world on his custom built Hayabusa Turbo
  • Lloyd Davis - 225 mph is currently the fastest normally aspirated Hayabusa in Europe on his Big CC built 1630cc race engine

services offered

  • Turbocharger systems
  • Supercharger systems
  • Nitrous systems
  • Big bore & stroker motors
  • Race engine building
  • Race engine refreshing
  • Quickshifters
  • Swingarms
  • Chassis prep
  • Land speed bike building
  • Breather tanks
  • Fuel tanks & bodywork
  • Tyres, fuel & consumables
  • Brake system upgrades
  • Dyno tuning & mapping
  • Engine management systems

BIG CC news

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